What is One Day Surgery?

One-day surgery (also called ambulatory or outpatient surgery) is any surgical procedure that doesn't require a hospital stay. Over the past several years surgical and anesthesia techniques have advanced dramatically. Surgeries can now be performed with less discomfort and faster recovery for the patient. Surgeries that several years ago would have required days or weeks in the hospital can now be comfortably and safely performed as one-day surgery. The patient can have the surgery, go through recovery, and return home within hours after the surgery.

Patients arrive at the Surgery Center at the appointed time. It is advisable to have an adult family member or friend accompany the patient.
Patients go through a pre-surgical evaluation. This may include checking the temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and laboratory tests depending on the procedure that will be performed.
The surgery is performed in our fully equipped operating room by board certified or board eligible surgeons.
After the surgery, the patient is transferred to the recovery area called the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Trained nurses monitor the patient until the general effect of the anesthesia wears off. A nurse will go over the post operative instructions.
Most of our patients can go home within hours after the surgery. It is recommended that an adult family member or friend be with the patient during the first 24 hours following the surgery. Home health services can be arranged based upon instructions by the doctor.
For our patient�s comfort on the day of surgery, we provide complimentary transportation between home and the Surgery Center.
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