Colon/General/Rectal Surgery
Dr. Tim J. Heilizer, M.D
Dr. Victorio V Guerrero, M.D

Dr. Pekka Soini, F.A.C.O.G

Dr. Jose Albisu, M.D
Dr.Claudia Johnson, M.D

Pain Management‎
Dr. Ossama Abdellatif, M.D
Dr. Axel Vargas, M.D
Dr. Jaroslav Tymouch, MD
Dr.Arkadiusz K. Grochowski, M.D
Dr.Henry S Kurzydlowski M.D

Orthopedic Surgery
Dr.Christos S. Giannoulias, M.D
Dr.Thomas P. Poepping, M.D
Dr. Robert Fink, M.D
Dr. Gregory Markarian, M.D
Dr. John O’Keefe, M.D
Dr. Peter Snitovsky, M.D

Dr. Sean Salehi, M.D
Dr. Robert K Erickson, M.D

Podiatry | Foot and Ankle Surgery
Dr.John D Mazzarella D.P.M.

Plastic Surgery
Dr.Dhaval M. Patel, M,D

We have a number of medical specialties ranging from the Department of Urology to the Department of Orthopedics Sports Medicine.

Each specialty is led by at least one expert physician who is qualified and skilled in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions that affect each medical specialty.